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This product has magical qualities! I adore baths and bath salts and beautiful scents and this has it all, plus an incredible CBD effect and the luxuriousness of silky oils. I was so relaxed and rejuvenated. A special treat worth the price!


These Blue Willow salts have provided needed rejuvenation for sore and tired muscles....a long hike, a house full of guests and busy-ness, a rather wrong step off a deck--all these resulted in soreness and stiffness. Thank goodness for these amazing salts with CDB! I am now back to all the happy craziness of life.


This balm ROCKS!!! Seriously, some of the best cbd balm out there!! I'm training for my first marathon in October and have been having some aches/pains from running. After putting this on my hips/hamstrings-10 mins later I felt a difference! I've used it every morning/afternoon and evening since I purchased and let me tell you, it's truly a game changer!!! I'm so happy I found this amazing product and so grateful for Blue Willow Beauty. An added bonus is that it's smells incredible and I wish I could put it all over my body :) Thanks Blue Willow...you are awesome!!!


I ran 100 mile race and had a bad ankle injury and quad strain. I used the balm, letting it soak in for 90 minutes and was able to run pain free! It was the first time since my race. I am a firm believer and will buy this again! Highly recommended!


I was one of the test pilots for this magical ointment, and have been eagerly awaiting its release on the market. Ta da! It’s here. With its perfect texture, amazing scent, and soothing sensation, it’s the ideal lotion to soak into your skin. Everyday aches and pains dwindle away to nothing, minor wounds heal almost overnight. I keep my jar within easy reach all day long. Its only competitor is the Blue Willow oil, also impossible to beat.


I used this product daily when recovering from a fractured ankle. An injury that should have kept me down for 3 months, quickly healed and I was back running in only 3 weeks. Now I use on all my aches and pains. Truly amazing!


I received the Blue Willow Balm and Oil as a birthday gift. Such beautiful and elegant packaging and design! Both products are light and absorbed easily. My favorite part is the fragrance. I would purchase Blue Willow for the scent alone. Awesome and luxurious product line!


As an RN for many years, I have my fair share of sore body parts! Blue Willow oil, with its CBD component soothes my aches, and feels wonderful as I apply it. I’ve been using it for several weeks, and it continues to offer great relief! I’ve also shared it with my colleagues, and several have placed orders!

Mary Helen